Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What you can get for $5.95 on your lunch break

So I think ELLE US had a promo...or I'm behind the times. Either way I bought a magazine for $5.95 and I'm back in the 90s! Well not really but here is a spread I loved in the magazine. The old scan and save of magazine spreads brings back memories of my last job at an architecture firm. Those were the days.

In other news, I really enjoy the frantic nature of international mags. It's as though due to competition, burgeoning population and the sheer nature of the magazine business that they need to pack in as much advertisement, information and fashion as possible. I love it! Also...Olivia Palermo worked at ELLE during her time on The City and I absolutely fell in love with Joe Zee. So that's THAT.

Photos: Elle Magazine, April

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