Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sydney purchases

Photo: Acne Pistol Boots from Incu 

As you might know I travelled up to Sydney last week for a few days with my housemate. Biggest regret? Not taking outfit posts along the way whilst driving up through the countryside. However, my housie has promised me that we are going to do a shoot for her folio in the near future so that will have to sustain me.  

Anywho I absolutely loved Sydney, it might of been because I actually had the time to wander around and do things like go to the Archibald Prize and check out new places, but it was still really nice to get out of Melbourne town.  Sometimes this place can suffocate you!

I went to Sydney resolute to find new boots and I'm pleased to say that those above are the result. I am so excited by them, such a fashion geek. I actually ended up buying them online having tried them on at Incu with the shopman exasperatingly telling me "Do you even understand how popular these boots are?". Needless to say, although he was brimming pretension, he was right and they sold out in between my deliberation so I got the last 39 online. Fate.  

I'm not usually one to splurge on an item but as my friend told me, sometimes you need to TYBT (treat yourself big time). And these babies will last forever I'm sure.

Here are some of my other buys as you can probably guess my buying ban is officially over and this month I've decided to go on a semi-detox.  No hangovers on the weekends allowed.  

Photo: Vintage bags from Goulburn Salvos

Photos: lace up wedges from Nu and nan

Photo: American apparel Pouch

Also while I'm motivated here are some shots of some recent acquisitions from pre-buying ban.

Photo: Lacrosse Blue Suede Cross Strap Sandals from Topshop

Photo: Twist&Tango cardigan Diva Scandanavia

NB: All photos taken by me on

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