Friday, June 24, 2011

Resort 2012 - Stella McCartney

Another resort stand out. Stella McCartney threw a garden party and all the models were dressed up and swinging bats at pinatas and 'eating' pretzels. Super cute!

Cop-Out (late) Wednesday Want

So my internets were down on Wednesday night. I swear! When it rains in sunny Fitzroy it appears the whole town's wifi situation goes to hell. Erin Brockovich anyone? Anyways as a cop-out or fitting for my current employment. I am not only late on the WW but I'm also stealing it from another blog which I love (A Pair and a Spare). Call it what you will but I think you will be impressed that (a) this lady knows what she's talking about when she's talking about essentials and (b) I introduced you to the blog. Still a cop out? Probs but I seriously want 99% of these essentials. 


So I had a bad day statistically speaking but I did get the last copy of the Acne Paper @ the GPO. I'll take the good with the bad.

Photo: by me via instagram

Resort 2012 - Rachel Comey

I love Rachel Comey shoes. I simply can't deny it. I fell in love with her shoes last year and now I'm all over the clothes. I like this resort collection because there has been some serious attention to detail with the styling.Hope you enjoy.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Resort 2012: Celine

I thought this week seeing as Resort 2012 has just come out that Joanjude would do a collection a day of some of the highlights. Starting with Celine. Phoebe Philo = amazetown and obviously I'm not the only one who thinks she's genius considering she just won the international award at the Council of Fashion Designers awards. I am loving this vibrant collection of both neon colours AND floral prints. The white flatforms are the perfect juxtaposition to this collection. 
Resort wear is seen as the in-between season and I think this works to create the ultimate looks. I am loving it.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Want: Layers for a Winter Palette


LayersUponLayers by joanjude featuring brass jewelry

While Joanjude has the opportunity to want...there's a few more things that have caught my eye this week.  

Photo: jakandjil

IF I had a tattoo it could possibly be this. Or a pixelated shark. I love the contrast of the tattoo with classic Breton tee and comme wallet. 

 Photo:Pamela Love AW11 Becauseimaddicted

Anything from Pamela Love. This jewellery designer is phenomenal and she started out as a stylist who couldn't find the right accessories so she began making jewellery in her basement in Brooklyn!

Have a great rest of the week

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Layers upon Layers

 Editorial. Amazing. Inspiration for Layering.(and Life)

Photos: Velvet Magazine editorial c/o anamappe

Long Weekend

Jamie XX - Far Nearer 

The long weekend has been and gone and I spent all weekend around Melbourne town. It was quite pleasant being cultural and hanging out.  Here are a couple of shots from the days. I also discovered the new Jamie XX single yesterday and it is out of control amazing! Enjoy. 

Doughnut Head cards from After
My housemate's existential bookcase...should we exhibit?
Footy at the MCG
Dad at Nathan Coley exhibition at ACCA
All photos by me via instagram

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Arctic Mirage

OK So I know I am being slightly over dramatic but I don't care what anyone says it's cold out! This immediately made me dream of warmer times. If there was such thing as Arctic mirages these pics would definitely be it. Give me a town overrun by desert sands any day. I am usually completely terrified of ghost towns, empty, has been spaces which give an eerie vibe that screams 'Get me out of here'.  Almost as bad as a single with 24 cats who calls their only plant Charles. Definition: worst nightmare.

However, if I stumbled across this town in Namibia, Africa I don't think I would be as freaked. It would be hot at the least.

How vibrant are the colours of this building? It's ridiculous.

 All photos: Kolsmanskop, Namibia c/o honestlywtf

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fill Your Eyes

Photo: Vogue Paris c/o Anywho

Some pics to get You/Me through the week. How increds is the lady from Vogue Paris above? Definitely wish I could look that cool on a crisp winter's day.

Photo: Peaches Geldof (loving the Grecian slant w/ tatts) @ the Danish Fashion Awards c/o Anywho

 Photo: Kate Moss for Topshop dress c/o Fashiontoast

Photo: The Polo c/o JakandJil

Photo: Marisa Berenson c/o

 Photo: Scarf Elke Kramer, Dress United Bamboo c/o stylebubble

 Photo: Perfect Winter Outfit c/o stockholmstreetstyle

Friday, June 3, 2011

Joanjude's roadtrip mix

Photo: Streetfsn

So I haven't done a roadtrip mix in awhile so I thought I would put one out there. I am embarking on a seven hour drive tomorrow and the threat of the Les Miserables soundtrack on repeat has prompted me to create another sugar sweet mix to get you through a Friday. Enjoy.

Sidenote: Aren't these baggy jeans great? They would make a good album cover.

1. Future Starts Slow - The Kills
2. Face in The Crowd - Cat's Eyes
3. Contact High - Architecture in Helsinki
4. Just Can't Get Enough - BEP
5. I'll Take Care of You - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie Xx
6. With Love - Elbow
7. Remember (Walking in the Sand) - The Shangri-Las
8. F*ck You - Cee Lo Green
9. You've Got the Love (Xx remix)- FATM
10. Be Still - Big Boi
11. You Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'
12. Roman Blue - Danger Mouse & Daniele Lupi
13. The Opposite of Adults - Chiddy Bang
14. Montezuma - Fleet Foxes
15. Lindesfarne 2 - James Blake
16. Someone Like You (Acoustic) - Adele
17. All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
18. You&Me - Penny & The Quarters

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Right Now and Not Later

Emily Weiss- Editor

Le Coveteur did this amazing piece for which featured Summer Getaway Essentials from some hip people escaping New York over summer. Jealous? Why yes. Anywho I am also escaping this weekend so I thought I would post what I packed in the hope that I wouldn't over pack like always ever before. Sometimes I get drowned by what I could wear rather than just chancing in with what I've got and seeing how it all turns out. You can see that through the simplicity of what Emily Weiss packs for her getaway, classic shirt, flats and a book. Genius.
All Photos: from Summer Getaway Essentials
Thakoon - Fashion Designer

Filipa Fino - Vogue's Senior Accessories Editor

Chloe Malle - Vogue's Social Editor
  by joanjude
 a photo by joanjude on Flickr.