Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday Want - RAFW

Photo: stylebubble

Ok so slightly delayed, but I blame the Met Gala of brilliance 2011. Ok Enough. This week's WW is going to be Rosemount Australian Fashion Week related because I really can't (don't want to) ignore it. There is some truly great things coming out of Sydney this week and as I was there only a week ago I can sort of pretend that I may have been front row at one of these shows...

Above is Romance Was Born and there are more shots here, this show looked out of this world and I kind of wish I could wear what she's wearing above every day. Royal wedding eat your heart out.

Here are some more of my faves so far.   

S/S 12 = Neon. White. Flowers. in no particular order


Photo: honestlywtf

Therese Rawsthorne

The dress on the right is my festival pick thus far.

Photos: all from stylebubble

So what do I want? Yes it is slightly confusing but I'll make it clear.

1. Summer back please
2. That Therese Rawsthorne dress
3. To be at the RAFW

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