Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blanka Dudas make-up workshops

So I think Blanka Dudas might be my saviour or something of the like. What am I talking about? A therapist? Mm no. A life coach? Mm no.

I recently went to a 4 hour make-up course which was held on a Sunday and I had a killer hangover. Not one to talk about how much alcohol I consumed let's just say I couldn't possibly have looked any worse. So I guess that's a good thing walking into a make up workshop.

The workshop consisted of eight ladies from a range of different backgrounds and the aim of the day was learning the basics. I have to admit I did feel in some way inadequate when I signed up for this workshop, I thought having only really started wearing make-up properly, that I would be some kind of amateur in a world of women who knew all about primers and blushers and the like. The truth of the matter is that most of the women in the course also felt overwhelmed by choice on the market and in reality admitted to walking up to makeup counters and walking out with either five different products instead of one or with something completely unsuitable.  Also apparently primers are unnecessary FYI..

I personally find make-up fascinating and I truly envy those women that can wear it with such ease and finesse. It is intriguing to see how a woman can be transformed in this way.  Blanka went through the several stages of the make-up process and completely simplified and stripped down the whole routine.  She gave several options at to what and how to wear make-up and whilst she used certain products which she stood by, she by no means was trying to sell these products to the group.  Blanka had a down to earth air about her that I admired and having just come from a session making up a celeb for the Logies, you knew she knew what she was talking about.

The most amazing thing to watch was the transformation of each lady with only a little bit of make-up.  The best tricks I saw was to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the eyebrow and the brush with eyebrow gel (or hairspray) in order to lift the eyebrow off the eye. It was seriously an inch higher that the non groomed eyebrow (well maybe not but close). Another trick was to curl your eyelashes with a spoon. Love it.

All in all it was a pleasant afternoon and I think that I feel comfortable enough applying make-up in a natural way. Success.

I feel a transformation post coming soon...

More information here: BlankaDudas

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