Monday, September 19, 2011

New Mix, New Book

Photo: calivintage

Oh to be this iconic...

I digress.

So firstly, I can't help but be proud and say my cousin has just written a book and I went down and got the last copy on Sunday from my local bookstore.

I naturally suggest all to check it out:
Peggy Frew - House of Sticks.

Also I went countryside styles for the weekend and here is the drive down mix we listened to on the way. Hope you enjoy..have a good week.

1. Wildfire - SBTRKT
2. Made in America - Kanye+Jay-Z
3. East Harlem - Beirut
4. How to Love - Lil Wayne
5. Bonnie & Clyde - Jay-Z+Beyonce
6. Blinking Pigs - Little Dragon
7. Lost Animal - Lose the Baby
8. The Edge of Glory - Gaga
9. Baby Says - The Kills
10. CMYK - James Blake
11. On the Floor - J.Lo
12. Bees - Warpaint
13. Peeping Tomboy - Kurt Vile
14. Deuces - Drake