Thursday, June 2, 2011

Right Now and Not Later

Emily Weiss- Editor

Le Coveteur did this amazing piece for which featured Summer Getaway Essentials from some hip people escaping New York over summer. Jealous? Why yes. Anywho I am also escaping this weekend so I thought I would post what I packed in the hope that I wouldn't over pack like always ever before. Sometimes I get drowned by what I could wear rather than just chancing in with what I've got and seeing how it all turns out. You can see that through the simplicity of what Emily Weiss packs for her getaway, classic shirt, flats and a book. Genius.
All Photos: from Summer Getaway Essentials
Thakoon - Fashion Designer

Filipa Fino - Vogue's Senior Accessories Editor

Chloe Malle - Vogue's Social Editor
  by joanjude
 a photo by joanjude on Flickr.

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