Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Arctic Mirage

OK So I know I am being slightly over dramatic but I don't care what anyone says it's cold out! This immediately made me dream of warmer times. If there was such thing as Arctic mirages these pics would definitely be it. Give me a town overrun by desert sands any day. I am usually completely terrified of ghost towns, empty, has been spaces which give an eerie vibe that screams 'Get me out of here'.  Almost as bad as a single with 24 cats who calls their only plant Charles. Definition: worst nightmare.

However, if I stumbled across this town in Namibia, Africa I don't think I would be as freaked. It would be hot at the least.

How vibrant are the colours of this building? It's ridiculous.

 All photos: Kolsmanskop, Namibia c/o honestlywtf

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