Thursday, March 24, 2011

LMFF faves by joanjude

The Melbourne Fashion Week has wrapped up so I thought I would post some favourite outfits by some amazing Australian designers.
Trousers anyone?

Photo: Arnsdorf AW11 c/o breakfastwithaudrey

I am slightly devastated Arnsdorf didn't win the LMFF Designer of the year award however I think I can be rest assured that they are not going anywhere.

Photo: Arnsdorf AW11 c/o broadsheet

Photo: Arnsdorf AW11 c/o broadsheet

Dress Up

Photo: Dress Up AW11 c/o broadsheet


Photo: Kuwaii AW11 c/o  breakfastwithaudrey


Photo: Above AW11 c/o breakfastwithaudrey

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