Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm LMFFing

The Loreal Melbourne Fashion Week has been slightly horrific.

I really tried to be interested but it is seriously sad how wrong Melbourne gets it. Despite multiple highly talented Australian designers it continues to produce a low budget show which leaves much to be desired. Guy Sebastian on the opening night. Need. I. Say. More? Let's couple that with the dancing? OK they went there. Seriously though, imagine if Rachel Zoe (for example, I'm just saying..) was at the event I went to tonight. My first experience of LMFF, a 3D photography exhibition @ Fed Square. It was slightly horrific to say the least.

Shall I describe the people? One man was wearing a shawl on his head with tassels, and platform black boots. Platform black boots were quite the accessory. Can we move along? Yes we get it, you own a pair of Acne Admire boots. What else? The over sized black chokers...the minimalist's all so 90s but not in a good way.

Sorry, one more thing, don't put on a 'Fashion Weekend' at Docklands hosting the best of Australia's designers. When all it is is a glorified garage sale of last season's stock. That's just depressing.

Ok. Rant. Over.

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